The Local Non-Profit Community Development Corporation jointly funded by the City of College Park and the University of Maryland.

College Park’s Model Community Development Corporation.

Founded in 1997, the College Park City-University Partnership is a non-profit community development corporation jointly supported by the University of Maryland at College Park and the City of College Park, Maryland. We work towards goals and initiatives outlined in the University-Community Vision 2030.


The College Park City – University Partnership recognizes the success of the City of College Park and the University of Maryland are linked. It works in dynamic collaboration to creatively and effectively facilitate cooperative efforts that achieve shared community purposes. The Partnership advances initiatives and policies to make College Park a more thriving, equitable and sustainable community for all.


The College Park City – University Partnership is a model community development organization known for the success of its initiatives and collaborations. It is recognized and valued by the city and university community. The Partnership catalyzes the ambitions of the City and University to create a thriving, equitable, and sustainable community for all.

University Community Vision 2030

The University-Community Vision 2030 establishes a collective vision, goals and strategies for the next ten years for a more thriving, equitable, and sustainable College Park.

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Neighborhood Preservation and Development

The College Park Community is a vibrant, growing, and sustainable community of stable neighborhoods, equitable and diverse businesses, development and housing with strong employment opportunities and parks and recreation for all.

Transportation & Mobility

College Park has a robust system of safe streets, bikeable and walkable trails, optimized parking options, and excellent access to public transit for all.

K-12 Education

College Park is a leader in Pre-K through 12 public, independent, and parochial education by attracting and retaining diverse families and strong educators.

Public Health & Safety

College Park is a healthy and safe Community for all residents, employees, students, and visitors.

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