University-Community Vision 2030


In planning the Vision 2030, the Board of Directors of the College Park City-University Partnership recognize the historical disparities that have afflicted our City-University community. As the University and the City each seek to address these disparities in their own communities, so does the Partnership. The Partnership will pursue racial and economic justice in our work.

The University Community Vision 2030 is the result of an inclusive effort undertaken by community leaders; officials of the City of College Park; student leaders, faculty, and staff at the University of Maryland; and officials from Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland. The University Community Vision 2030 is also the result of the strong bonds forged between the City and University over the past decade as we worked collaboratively to make College Park a top 20 sustainable College Town. Vision 2030 was established to continue to enhance our community as a sustainable, equitable, and vibrant College Town that is safe and healthy with interesting and diverse neighborhoods and commercial areas, and growing employment opportunities. Two Underlying Goals – Sustainability and Equity – are critical to the success of Vision 2030.

University-Community Vision 2030

In 2030, College Park is a growing, thriving, equitable, and sustainable community, united by a robust alliance between the City, University, and community. College Park enjoys a strong local economy, rooted in university research, start-ups, and creative entrepreneurship. Neighborhoods and commercial areas are safe, healthy and walkable, and well-served by transit. College Park is attractive to both current and new residents for the strength of its abundant housing, employment, and Pre-K – 12 school options. College Park is a destination for its restaurants, shopping, parks and natural areas, and entertainment.

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Vision 2030 Strategy Areas

The University-Community Vision 2030 Report outlines priorities in four Strategic Areas – Housing and Development, Transportation and Mobility, Public Health and Safety, and Education. Each of these Strategic Areas has its own set of Priority Goals and Priority Strategies that are to be implemented by the City, the University, the College Park City-University Partnership, and others, either collectively or individually, but
always collaboratively.

The Partnership’s of Directors holds committees in each of these Strategic Areas. Committees are comprised of City-University community leaders and members. Their work is guided Vision 2030.

Housing + Development

The College Park Community is a vibrant, growing, and sustainable community of stable neighborhoods, equitable and diverse businesses, development, and housing with strong employment opportunities and parks and recreation for all.

Priority Goals

Retain and attract homeowners in single and multi-family dwellings

Retain and recruit retail, commercial, and hospitality businesses with local and regional appeal.

Retain and attract new research and development companies that build upon the success of the University’s Discovery District and research initiatives.

Priority Strategies

Enhance the close working relationship between and among the City, University of Maryland, College Park City-University Partnership and Terrapin Development Company to retain existing and attract new Research and Development companies.

Transportation + Mobility

College Park has a robust system of safe streets, bikeable and walkable trails, optimized parking options, and excellent access to public transit for all.

Priority Goals

Increase use of public transit, including Metro Bus and Rail, University Transportation Services, and Prince George’s County ‘The Bus’ and ‘Route 1 Ride.’

Increase walkability and bikeability throughout our community

Priority Strategies

Complete current phase of rebuilding Baltimore Avenue/Route 1, make progress toward design & engineering for phases 2 and 3

Develop and implement College Park bike infrastructure plan.

Public Health + Safety

College Park is a healthy and safe Community for all residents, employees, students, and visitors.

Priority Goals

Maintain and improve safety and health, including Student Code of Conduct, University of Maryland Police and Health departments, security cameras on and off campus.

Maintain and improve cooperation between the City, University, and other agencies to enhance the security and health of our community.

Priority Strategies

Pre-K – 12 Education

College Park is a leader in Pre-K through 12 public, independent, and parochial education by attracting and retaining diverse families and strong educators.

Priority Goals

Maintain and enhance K-12 educational opportunities, including expansion of College Park Academy, to attract and retain families with school-aged children.

Maintain and enhance quality pre-K opportunities for City and University residents and employees.

Priority Strategies

Expand College Park Academy to include grades Pre-K through 5.