University District Vision 2020

College Park is a diverse, engaged community comprised of residents and businesses, and the vibrant education, research, cultural and international resources of the University of Maryland.  Residents are drawn to a range of housing options from single-family residences to high-density housing that thrives near livable, walkable commercial centers. Diverse businesses – from high tech startups to community retailers – are drawn to a demographic that provides educated workers and consumers.  The University District offers its community a high quality of life including a safe and secure environment, access to world-class K-12 schools, and attractive commercial districts that serve families and students alike.  The District enjoys excellent pedestrian and bicycle access, public transportation options, and efficient roads and parking.  Finally, the University District exemplifies a leading “green” community, utilizing sustainable building practices, green technologies, and a strong commitment from the community to protect, preserve, and enhance natural resources.