In August 2018, over 35 members of the College Park community came together to “unveil” mural, named “A Path Forward”, on the underpass walls of the Baltimore Avenue bridge over the Paint Branch stream. This transforms this underpass with art that celebrates the Lakeland Community of College Park and its connection to the University. Read the EVENT SUMMARY:

Learn more about the specific images memorialized in this mural:

This is part of a larger initiative to activate public spaces in College Park which includes a weekly Outdoor Performance Series and a lighting installation being placed at this same bridge by Imaginex, a company created by UMD graduates.

This work was a collaboration by members of the College Park City-University Partnership, City of College Park, the Lakeland Community Heritage Project, the University of Maryland, the UMD Office of Community Engagement, the College Park Arts Exchange, and M-NCPPC. It was supported by grants from the Maryland Department of Housing and Development Nonprofit Assistance Fund, the College Park Community Foundation, the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area, and M-NCPPC. The latest updates are below. Click here if you want to see all updates.

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                The College Park Arts Exchange (CPAE) is Connecting People through Arts Experiences. At its heart, CPAE is about community. The College Park Arts Exchange seeks to build community by promoting the arts and cultural activities throughout Greater College Park. CPAE brings together people from different neighborhoods, ethnic groups, and generations. CPAE makes nearby artistic, cultural, creative, and educational resources available to local residents of all ages and backgrounds, enhancing their quality of life and strengthening relations among the University of Maryland, the City of College Park, public schools, and other community institutions in Prince George’s County.

                The College Park City-University Partnership’s work is grounded in smart growth initiatives that aim for a vibrant, walkable, environmentally-friendly community. Our goal: make College Park a top 20 university community by 2020. Enhancing public space in College Park with art and music will bring the community together. Incorporating community art into local streetscapes can have a lasting impact on enhancing a community’s sense of place.

                Underpass Mural

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