Note: This was posted on Friday before the March 30 order by Gov. Hogan. With things changing rapidly, plan to call ahead to any business to see if they are open.

Today, more than ever, College Park businesses need support.

Partnership staff and interns from both the Partnership and the City of College Park contacted College Park businesses for information on how local residents and members of the University community can support them through this challenging time. While some restaurants remain open for pickup and delivery, and essential businesses – like grocery, pharmacy, bike shops, and gas stations – are open (with health protocols in place), many others have had to close their doors.

This list provides the best information we have on how each of us can help support College Park businesses through this period. (And if we missed a business, please let us know so we can add to the list).

For some businesses, that might be purchasing a gift card, for others it may mean ordering more takeout, yet others have started GoFundMe efforts. Many businesses have had to cut employees, take out loans, and forfeit any personal income, which all has an effect quickly.

Let’s support local businesses today so that – someday, in the not-too-distant future – when things return to “normal,” the businesses that we love, and that are unique to College Park are still here for us. So many businesses are run by families, hard-working members of our community who have put years and decades into College Park.

Please take a moment today to go through the list below and support our local businesses. (NOTE: To quickly search for a business, hold down the control button and F button at the same time, then type in the business you are looking to find.) Let’s keep the vitality of College Park alive, even if the streets and sidewalks are lonely this spring.

Please share and forward this message widely – thank you!

Support Local College Park Businesses – COVID 19

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