College Park, Maryland – State and County officials joined the Mayor of the City of College Park and University of Maryland President Darryll Pines in endorsing the University Community Vision 2030.

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February 9, 2021


The University Community Vision 2030 establishes a vision, goals and strategies shared by the City of College Park, the University of Maryland, state and county officials, and community leaders, for a more thriving, equitable, and sustainable College Park.

On Monday, February 8, State Senator Jim Rosapepe, Delegates Joseline Peña-Melnyk, Ben Barnes, Mary Lehman, (District 21) County Councilmembers Tom Dernoga and Dannielle Glaros, joined the


Mayor and University of Maryland President Darryll Pines in endorsing the University Community Vision 2030.

“People put enormous energy into Vision 2020, and it worked partially because everyone was committed to it and we were unified. Now we are going to work for our collective vision in 2030. This is not the City’s vision, not the University’s vision, not the City-University Partnership’s … this is our vision together.” said Sen. Jim Rosapepe.

Developed through a months-long input process, the vision builds upon the work of the 2020 University District Vision over the last decade. Much progress has been made in Housing and Development, Transportation, Education, Public Safety, and Sustainability since 2011. Among the accomplishments were the founding of College Park Academy and a robust Homeownership Program; expansion of university policing and the student code of conduct; implementation of phase 1 of reconstructing Baltimore Avenue; the Purple Line light rail; and increased walkability.

“The progress that’s been made has been really amazing to watch as Dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering … and now to be immersed in it as President of the University of Maryland; I’m excited about what can happen as we continue to work together.”

“COVID-19 and racial injustice has had an impact, but we know a moment of difficulty can also be a moment of opportunity… and remembering we are all in this together as the City and University – we are in a unique partnership and we look forward to the growth of College Park and unity between City and University community through this University Community Vision 2030,” said Dr. Darryll J. Pines, UMD President.

The new University Community Vision 2030 outlines areas for future progress: Housing and Development, Transportation and Mobility, Public Health and Safety, and Education. The values of sustainability and equity will run through all of this work.

“Like any good team, everyone has their individual roles, but they work together. Here, the City and University both have their own policies and visions, as does the County and State, but together a vision is in place. Now, we must work together to achieve our collective goals.”

“Culminated into this [Vision 2030] document is a call for a strong education system, diverse and accessible housing and amenities people need, and a safe and sustainable community,” said the Mayor.



Press Release – Endorsement of the University Community Vision 2030
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