College Park is home to many parks and playgrounds, maintained by the City of College Park and by the Maryland – National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC). With more than 20 parks and playgrounds, a lake, and miles of bicycle trails, College Park is rich with outdoor recreational opportunities. Plan a bike ride to check out these local gems! Here are some of the many parks that College Park has to offer:

1. Sunnyside Neighborhood Park/Skate Park, Locust Hill Drive Located just off Rhode Island Avenue, across from North College Park’s Sunnyside neighborhood, you’ll find a gem of a park. There is a loop trail named after Patrick Joseph Kelly, there’s a handball court named after William Thomas. Additionally, you’ll find a basketball court, pavilion, playground and a skate park. The playground has something for kids aged 2-12, with two slides, two large swings, and two bucket swings, four benches, climbing rocks and seat spinners.

2. Hollywood Elementary School Playground, 9811 49th Avenue
Located on the southeast side of Hollywood Elementary school is a playground with enough monkey bars to make any child beam! This playground, available to the public after 6:00 p.m. and on weekends features a metal “bridge,” five slides, and six basketball hoops of varying sizes. There are also eight big kid swings, and a climbing apparatus. The playground is nestled between large trees, giving the playground some shade in the summer – and, next to the playground is a natural environment to explore.

3. Muskogee Playground, 5100 Muskogee St & Narragansett Pkwy
Muskogee Playground consists of three different park areas. The first is a jungle gym with a sheltered roof, two slides, see saw, and various animal shaped spring riders. The second area includes two sets of swings. The swing sets are designed to fit children of all ages. Toddler swings are provided so that babies can safely enjoy swings without the danger of falling off. The third section of the playground includes a set of monkey bars as well as horizontal gymnastic bars. These three sections meet in the middle of the park which is filled with picnic benches where parents can relax and keep an eye on the children.

4. Hollywood Neighborhood Park, 9699 53rd Avenue
Nestled into the Hollywood neighborhood, not far from the Greenbelt Metro station is a park with space for many families and friends to enjoy. A full baseball field, next to a soccer field, basketball court, tennis court, and a pavilion is surrounded by beautiful old trees and a playground that includes slides, climbing walls, swings, and monkey bars. With plenty of parking for events but close enough to a lot of family homes on walkable streets, this park is one of College Park’s coolest spots to bring your family out to play, have a birthday party, or even watch a neighborhood sports game.

5. Hollywood Playground, 4800 Hollywood Road & 48th Place
Located on Hollywood Road, this park is popular among neighbors for its lush greenery and pretty playground. Families can often be seen visiting the park with children and walking their dogs on the foliage filled trails. There are plenty of benches and tables for a relaxing visit and a jungle gym for the kids. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic on a sunny day!

6. Davis Field Playground, 5300 Block Iroquois Street
This playground was renovated in 2018 and new swing sets and benches were installed at the end of Kennesaw Street, with a completely new jungle gym. The jungle gym consists of two colorful slides, a fireman’s pole, a mini rock-climbing wall and more! The old blacktop ground has been replaced with playground wood chips for safety and is a popular spot for children of all ages.

7. College Park Woods Neighborhood Park, St. Andrews Place
The College Park Woods Neighborhood Park truly has something for everyone – it boasts bike parking in the form of leaves, well-maintained tennis and basketball courts, an adult fitness loop and easy walking trail, a pavilion for family events or birthday parties, green space for field sports including a baseball backstop. The layout of the park, with the loop trail and variety of activities brings to mind one idea to entertain your older kids: an epic birthday scavenger hunt!

8. The Mews Playground, Catawba Street
This is a small tot lot designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5. It includes mulch padded ground, a small playground set with slides, as well as a bench. This small lot is the perfect place to take your little one when they need to let out some energy!

9. Duvall Field Park and Playground, 9100 Rhode Island Avenue
Over the years, Duvall Field has hosted numerous events such as National Night Out, Night at the Movies, Boys and Girls Club soccer games and more. The field’s recent renovations include a new playground. One of the biggest changes to Duvall Field includes a brand-new concession building and a state-of-the-art stormwater management feature which was funded by the State. The Field is now in phase 2 of renovations and plans to add many new features to the park! You can reserve a field by filling out an application online!

10. Crystal Springs Playground, 37th Avenue
Great location for dog walking and exercising! Crystal Springs is a small quiet playground located in the Crystal Springs neighborhood. The playground includes a slide and a set of swings, and there is a small grassy area where children play as well.

11. Acredale Community Park, Old Metzerott Road
Acredale Community Park has an amazing, well-maintained playground. It is vibrant with greens, reds and yellows. It features many slides and climbing equipment and sits next to an expanse of playing fields. The playground is easily accessible from the adjacent Paint Branch Trail. From Baltimore Ave, go down the hill from Rita’s. From points west, you can take Metzerott Road off MD-193.

12. Branchville Playground, 4800 Branchville Road
Next to the Branchville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, and not far from the Trolley Trail, is a small park with a yellow playground set and swings. The park is popular among the neighborhood kids. It’s a great place for kids to enjoy a beautiful day and have fun!

13. Berwyn Neighborhood Playground, 49th Avenue
Located near the heart of Berwyn, along the Trolley Trail, is a playground inside a shady community park. The playground has its very own fire truck with a ladder and a slide for kids 2-5. There’s a fish and a seahorse rocker. There is a section for older kids that includes a slide and four swings. The playground sits next to a tennis court, basketball court, and pavilion.

14. James Adams Park, Berwyn House Road & Rhode Island Avenue
Located along the Trolley Trail and near the Paint Branch Trail, this park is a simple, quiet place for people to rest and enjoy nature. It has a couple of nice benches, which makes a nice spot to sit with a friend or read a book.

15. Lakeland Community Park, Lakeland Road and Rhode Island Avenue
Just south of James Adams Park, Lakeland Community Park has a playground for younger kids, a basketball court with four hoops, a large pavilion with outdoor grill space for get-togethers, and a tennis court. There are large trees surrounding the space, making it enjoyable no matter the season!

16. Paint Branch Elementary School Playground, 5101 Pierce Avenue
Located close to the Trolley Trail, behind the Paint Branch Elementary School is a large playground where kids can slide, run, and more. Four basketball hoops are available as well. Usable when school is not in session, this site offers space for big and little kids – and if your children like trains, this site offers the chance for kids to listen to Green Line and CSX trains, and spot them as they go by!

17. Lake Artemesia Natural Area
Lake Artemesia is a beautiful place. It is a 38-acre lake featuring a fishing pier, aquatic gardens, and a hiker-biker trail that runs around it. Connected to the North East Branch Trail, Paint Branch Trail, and the Indian Creek Trail, you can go from this park all the way to downtown DC. It is a great place for kids to learn to ride a bike or for adults to go running! Plus, it is a lovely place to enjoy the natural environment, spot turtles, geese, fish, deer, and to birdwatch.

18. Calvert Hills Playground, 4601 Calvert Road
Located on the Guilford Road side of the old Calvert Road school, is a neighborhood playground. It has plenty of space for both tots and older children to play. For older kids, there is a tube slide and climbing areas. With benches nearby and a large open field next to the playground, this is a popular place for families.

19. Old Town Playground, Columbia Avenue
This small playground on Colombia Avenue is popular among kids for its field and neatly kept turf. Next to the field is a playground equipped with climbing bars, slides, swings, and a seesaw. It is affectionately called “Alligator Park” by some due to the presence of its playground alligator. When snow falls, an adjacent hill fills with children (and their parents) sledding.

20. Calvert Neighborhood Park, 4900 Drexel Road
A few streets away from the Trolley Trail, in the Calvert Hills neighborhood, is a beautiful park with plenty of space to enjoy time outside. There is a baseball field, a large pavilion, a basketball court with two hoops and a playground for kids – big and small. Behind the pavilion are large trees which can provide explorers a good place to learn about their natural environment, and which could make for an excellent game of hide and seek. For those who love trains, this is for you – both the Metro and CSX tracks are directly behind the park!

21. Calvert Road Park Playground/Disc Golf, Old Calvert Road
Located on Old Calvert Road, off Campus drive, is an expansive, well-kept park that has a newly renovated, vibrant, playground. The playground has a lot of space for little kids and big kids alike – there are climbing rocks, slides, and covered tops. Next to the playground is a one-of-a-kind, technical but short disc golf course – which makes it good for beginners and pros alike. Plus, this park is right next to the oldest continuously operating airport in the world (College Park Airport) and the College Park Aviation Museum, which kids and adults alike should visit to learn about the many aviation firsts that happened right here in College Park!

College Park Playgrounds and Parks