Last week, the Lakeland Mural team continued to work on the mural with only two crew members left. The Partnership visited the artists on Friday to check in and at the same time the University of Maryland Office of Community Engagement staff, Gloria Aparico-Blackwell, Golshan Jalali, Cameron Thurston and Sarah D’Alexander, who had just had lunch at Kapnos Taverna came by with M-NCPPC director, Anthony Nolan to take a look at the progress being made. Partnership staff also talked to staff from the University of Maryland Office of Strategic Communication for an article they were crafting about the mural project.

Victoria Lewis and Jazmyne Brock

OCE and M-NCPPC check in on the mural project

OCE and M-NCPPC staff talk with the artists about their progress.

Mural Project Update 17

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