Thank you to the almost 900 people who participated in the College Park Gift Card Giveaway program! It is because of you that the program was a smashing success. Thank you to our partners at the Terrapin Development Company (TDC) and to the 30 independently owned, College Park restaurants that we worked with throughout the program.

“The College Park Gift Card Giveaway” program, sponsored by the Partnership and TDC, was created with the purpose of supporting local College Park restaurants across the City during the time of COVID-19. The Giveaway program ran for six weeks from May – July, 2020 and a total of 60 individuals were gifted gift cards.

Each week throughout the program, the Partnership and TDC supported five local College Park restaurants by purchasing two $25 gift cards/certificates from each restaurant. The gift cards were then raffled off through a social media contest. Ten participants were randomly selected through an online raffle platform as winners each week. 

Gift Card Giveaway Raffle Questions & The #CollegeParkScene Blog Series, “What We Heard From Last Week’s Giveaway…”

Week 2: “Of this week’s restaurants, which would you pick to eat for: (1) breakfast for the rest of your life, (2) lunch for the rest of your life and (3) dinner for the rest of your life? Share your three answers!”

Week 3: “What is your favorite College Park restaurant to bring your family and friends to? Choose any College Park restaurant! (Share the College Park Gift Card Giveaway submission form with friends and family so they may enter the raffle too!)”

Week 4: “Which College Park restaurant would you most like to take a cooking class at? What are you making off their menu?”

Week 5: “Which College Park restaurant is Testudo’s go-to spot? He needs some brain food to come up with his fearless ideas!”

Week 6: “President Loh is retiring this week- what College Park spot would you take him to as a thank you for his years of service to the university and community?”

Giveaway Gallery:

Take a peek at the photos our Gift Card Giveaway winners sent us throughout the program! Yum!

Bagels ‘N Grinds
Gift Card Giveaway Program Summary