If you are looking for a delicious restaurant located in College Park, check out LaTao Hot Pot, located at 8700 Baltimore Avenue. You will be able to find this restaurant right under the Enclave on Route One. This location is ideal for University of Maryland students and College Park locals.

This recently opened business serves delicious all you can eat Chinese hotpot. Hotpot is flavorful broth that is kept warm and elements like thinly sliced meat and vegetables are added in to be cooked.  Also, they have a menu for sushi and other entrees, including many varieties of stir fry. When they were open fully, prior to the pandemic, they had $18 all-you-can-eat hotpot for lunch and $24 for dinner. They also had rooms for karaoke, events and parties available to rent.

Because of COVID-19, these features are not available at the moment, however, there is both delivery and take out option for hotpot, sushi, and other menu items, such as the popular spicy stir fry bowl. You can find delivery menu items and prices through UberEATS and Door Dash, or you can call the restaurant 301-441-1111 for more information about take out.

So the next time you are ordering in or picking up dinner, support LaTao by purchasing some hotpot for you to eat at home with family and friends!


LaTao Hot Pot in College Park!
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