JTCC is College Park’s very own professional tennis center, offering junior athletes a strong training program, and local residents a great recreational space.

JTCC junior champs. Photo courtesy of jtcc.org.

Founded in 1999, JTCC is committed to serving all College Park residents. JTCC is conveniently located close to the College Park metro station, and is a quick drive or bike ride from downtown College Park and the University. “Anyone who lives in College Park can play tennis here for an affordable price,” said Will Hopton, JTCC’s Senior Marketing Manager.

In addition to being a great recreational place for College Park area residents, the nonprofit organization is dedicated to furthering the athletic and academic ambitions of youth in the area. JTCC provides full funding for players who continue their training up to the age of 18, as well as on-site teachers to facilitate a well-rounded experience for junior athletes. “The goal is to have our athletes earn a Division 1 scholarship to a university,” said Will Hopton, JTCC’s Senior Marketing Manager. “We’re using tennis and academics to aid the kids in achieving scholarships to some of the best schools in the country; it’s about more than sports.”

JTCC’s outreach program. Photo courtesy of jtcc.org. 

JTCC’s outreach program takes its professional training program to schools and recreational centers across Prince George’s County and Washington, D.C., providing students with the equipment and training needed to get a comprehensive introduction to the sport. The organization has also partnered with the College Park Academy to offer a 10-week tennis program to its students.

Aerial view of JTCC grounds. Photo courtesy of jtcc.org.

The center continues to seek out more opportunities to engage with the community. Hopton mentioned JTCC’s goal to provide a monthly community tennis festival this summer, that will be geared toward families and anyone in the area looking to get more familiar with tennis. “We want College Park residents to see tennis as a fun, leisure time activity that’s just down the street,” said Hopton.

As JTCC will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, Hopton states that the program has evolved to focus more on tennis for everybody, not just high performance players. “We want local residents in College Park and surrounding area to play tennis here and have a great time,” said Hopton. “Tennis is a really good game for life.”

JTCC: Your local, world renowned, tennis center
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