Since the need for social distancing arose at the beginning of this year, the country has developed a newfound appreciation for bike-riding. In the spring, the popularity of cycling exploded across the U.S. as individuals were driven to find new pastimes, especially ones that involve getting outside and maintaining physical space between one another. Now, as we approach the end of October and reach a seventh month of living in this “new normal,” the unusually warm weather and changing hues of fall leaves make bike-riding in College Park just as enjoyable as ever—as well as making local shops like College Park Bicycles an invaluable part of the #CollegeParkScene.

College Park Bicycles, a local bike shop on Baltimore Avenue, is one of the businesses that has continued serving customers throughout the duration of the pandemic. Due to a worldwide shortage of bike production over the past several months, the shop has been unable to sell brand-new bikes to customers, and many standard models still remain unavailable. However, the business has remained strong through its sale of used bikes and its repair services, which surged in demand during the spring and summer months. And now that business operations are picking back up, customers who desire brand new bike models can begin requesting them for pre-order.

Just like surrounding restaurants and stores, the bike shop has implemented the safety regulations necessary for stopping the spread of illness to promote the safety of its customers and staff. Some of these measures include enforcing a capacity limit, requiring the use of face coverings inside the store, and sanitizing bikes before and after they are repaired and/or test-ridden. For the most part, though, services at College Park Bicycles remain the same; customers are welcome to walk in to browse, acquire fix-ups, and even test-ride bikes of interest to them. 

Of course, biking unfortunately cannot solve all of the hardships that have been exacerbated by this pandemic. However, getting outside and pedaling through the College Park on two wheels is a sure way to improve your physical and mental health—as well as help the environment—and College Park Bicycles is here to offer the services you need in order to get out there and ride!

College Park Bicycles is Here to Help You Keep Up the Riding!
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