Recently on #CollegeParkScene, we wrote about College Park Grill, the full-service restaurant located in Cambria Hotel on Baltimore Avenue. Just like this up-scale dining venue, the surrounding hotel has been taking extra safety measures to create a new normal for its guests and make them feel welcome during their stays. Along with other hotels in the area, Cambria has implemented the cleaning and sanitation program Ever Strong, and trained all of its team members to handle these updated regulations.

Based on recommendations from the CDC, this cleaning program emphasizes four pillars—physical distancing, cleanliness, active monitoring, and rapid response—to effectively address the threat of COVID-19. In order to promote physical distancing, management at Cambria have modified operations of their common areas including elevators, meeting spaces, and the fitness center to accommodate safe distancing. Just like in the restaurant, guests and staff are expected to wear face coverings in these areas, and the hotel will happily provide disposable masks for guests who need them. 

To encourage cleanliness, the Cambria Hotel team has been cleaning all high-traffic spaces and commonly-touched surfaces more frequently. They have also posted hand-sanitizing stations throughout the property for guests to use freely, and they have enhanced their cleaning practices within rooms. 

Finally, the hotel is enacting active monitoring and rapid response measures to reduce the risk of an outbreak: first, the hotel constantly adapts its practices based on updates from the CDC and WHO. In addition, staff members make sure to adhere closely to protocols that have been established specifically in the event that  there is a case of COVID-19 on the property.

Team members at Cambria Hotel have received thorough training in all of these changes and are working hard to enforce them, so visitors and staycationers can rest assured that they will be safe when seeking their next escape. To find out more about rates and safety guidelines, please visit the Cambria website.

Updated Safety Measures at Cambria Hotel
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