It’s beginning to feel like fall in College Park, and seasonal drinks have already made their way to the forefront of coffee shop menus. And although pumpkin spice, praline, and caramel apple may not be the flavors one would typically associate with being “healthy,” these fall classics are just a few of the delicious flavors also offered by nutrition-based beverage shop Hollywood Nutrition.

At Hollywood Nutrition, owners Jet and Jose pride themselves on running more than just a smoothie bar. With five years of experience managing a former fitness studio in Beltsville, this couple shares a passion not only for promoting health and nutrition, but also for creating a sense of community through their business.

Since its grand opening this past summer, Hollywood Nutrition has already begun to foster relationships with visitors of Hollywood Shopping Center and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. The framed inspirational quotes, full-size custom mural, and Maryland-inspired Hollywood Nutrition logo adorning the walls create a positive and friendly atmosphere that already has customers hurrying back to sit down, relax, and socialize—even if it is at a distance of 6 feet. 

Even more notable, though, is the menu. Whether customers need a kick of energy in the morning or they’re craving a dessert-like treat resembling ice cream, Hollywood Nutrition offers versions of these beverages that are more nutritious than those at a standard coffee shop. Made from Herbalife Nutrition supplements, the protein coffee has 15 grams of protein, the energizing teas provide many antioxidants, and a single milkshake contains all of the vitamins and minerals needed for an entire day. What’s more, all menu items are plant-based!

The team at Hollywood Nutrition also promotes their values of health and community by offering biweekly fitness classes. On Monday evenings, classes take place in Hyattsville, and on Thursdays, they’re offered at Duvall Field, here in College Park.

So, if you’re ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle while sipping delicious drinks and and getting to know other people in the community, check out Hollywood Nutrition on social media to find out more about what the business has to offer. (Also, feel free to bring your own reusable cup when you visit the shop to avoid plastic waste!)

Hollywood Nutrition: No More Choosing Between Health and Deliciousness!
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