When it comes to supporting local restaurants, many of us have become accustomed to the same familiar dinner routine: confirming orders through the screens of our phones, hurriedly greeting restaurant employees through a mask as we rush to grab our takeout, and/or opening our front doors to find our next meal waiting for us on the porch without even changing out of our pajamas. Although adhering to these norms has been necessary for keeping our neighbors safe from the virus, it can’t replace the stylish outfits, mood lighting, and refreshing atmosphere that come with dining in at a full service restaurant. Fortunately for guests who miss this experience, College Park Grill is open and working hard to make dining out safe and enjoyable for its customers. 

College Park Grill, located in Cambria Hotel on Baltimore Avenue, is a sophisticated restaurant and bar that serves lunch and dinner to both hotel guests and outside customers. Its menu features high-end dishes such as steak, garlic shrimp pasta, and artisan wood-fired pizza, which make it a great restaurant for special occasions. 

While community members should continue practicing physical distancing, they can rest assured that restaurants like College Park Grill are taking necessary measures to keep their dining rooms safe. As expected, face coverings are required for entering this restaurant, and everyone must wear a mask when not they are not seated. Furthermore, tables are limited to parties of 6 or less, and they are not to be rearranged or joined together without approval from the manager. Staff members also disinfect these tables and chairs after each set of guests, and ask that guests maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from one another whenever possible. 

Even though indoor dining may look slightly different than it used to, these changes make it possible for College Parkers to enjoy the experience once again, and they are a small price to pay for keeping one another safe. So, head over to the College Park Grill website to see the full menu and make reservations!

Re-experience Dining In at College Park Grill!
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