In the charming and peaceful neighborhood of Berwyn, College Park, the Smile Herb business promotes a healthy and holistic lifestyle to its customers through its shop, school, and free consultations. Smile Herb Shop is physically closed at this time, but the business continues to offer services such as online orders and curbside pickup, telephone consultations, and online classes about physical and emotional wellness.

At Smile Herb Shop, merchandise includes bulk herbs and spices, loose leaf teas, essential oils, bath products, health supplements, and other items that contribute to a holistic lifestyle. The sale of these products transitioned fully online in March, but the shop now offers no-contact curbside pickup in addition to delivery. In order to pick up your order, simply make your purchase online, wait for an email notification that the order is ready, and drive by the front of the shop (located within a block of the College Park Trolley Trail, on Berwyn Road), where you’ll have it brought right to your car. Typically, these orders can be ready within a day. 

In addition to the shop, Smile Herb also offers online classes to promote intentional and healthy living. Current and upcoming classes include “Healing Your Life Wellness Program,” “Ready To Go Vegan? Webinar Workshop,” and a free “Introduction to Herbalism Q&A” webinar, which can be purchased on their website. In order to stay up to date with these events, you can also follow Smile Herb Shop on Facebook.  

If you’re interested in adopting a more holistic lifestyle but have questions or don’t know where to start, specialists at Smile Herb also offer consultations. Colleen Zuntag, a practitioner at Smile, is currently offering free consultations every week. Colleen is certified in clinical herbalism, and she is available by phone and email between 1:30pm-3:00pm on Thursdays to provide free herbal wellness check-ins, where she discusses with clients how they can use herbs to address their personal health concerns. 

Whether you are interested in enhancing your overall wellness or simply looking for a local shop to buy bulk plant products, consider visiting  the Smile Herb Shop website to support this unique part of community! 

The Smile Herb Community is Alive and Well—Online!
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