College Park is continuing to expand its exciting scene of innovative, business-friendly, and social meet-up spots around campus. In January, the Discovery District saw the opening of one of the coolest places to date, The Hall CP. Located right behind The Hotel on Baltimore Avenue and across from WeWork on Diamondback Drive, The Hall seamlessly combines the services of a cafe, bar, sit-down restaurant, lounge, and music venue—all under the same roof. This establishment provides College Park community-members with a space to meet for brunch, lunch, dinner, business, creative collaboration, or simply hanging out. 

The Hall offers two daily menus: available between 8:00am and 3:00pm, the Cafe Menu offers breakfast and lunch items such as salads, sandwiches, soup, smoothie bowls, pizza, and similarly casual meals. The Dinner Menu, which begins at 4:00pm, offers adventurous takes on typical comfort food, such as a fried cauliflower burger, spaghetti and crab meatballs, a mushroom loaf, and over a dozen appetizers. The weekend brunch menu is simply amazing.

The establishment lays out its cafe, restaurant, and lounge in separate rooms, each of which owning its own distinct, bold decor style that reflects the creativity and expression that this business aims to foster. Upon entering The Hall, guests find themselves in the cafe area, where they can order coffee and bakery items. As they step further, they come to the larger restaurant, which contains a bar and offers full-service dining. With a sophisticated industrial-style design, this spacious dining area offers its own unique atmosphere, which welcomes both individuals and groups to eat, play table games, and work.

Finally, the Longhouse Lounge houses many of The Hall’s fun events, such as watch parties for events like the World Cup or UMD sporting events. With rows of couches and a large flatscreen TV on the wall, the relaxing vibes in this room encourage Terps and surrounding community members to come to enjoy game day together. It isn’t reserved only for sports, though—on Monday, March 9th, The Hall held a watch party in the Longhouse Lounge for the season finale of The Bachelor.

Although The Hall is still quite new, it has already begun attracting members of the College Park community for its friendly atmosphere and diverse services. As the business continues to host concerts and events in the future, it is sure to become a popular hub in College Park.

The Hall CP: Food, Drinks, Games, Music, and More!
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