While College Park is full of great places to get a haircut, Hair + Space Blowdry and Beauty Bar is the only salon of its kind in the area. Hair + Space embraces the idea that women can have fabulous hair all of the time, not just on special occasions. Unlike other salons, this unique shop focuses solely on styling, so that women can receive a beautiful blowout as frequently as they like without enduring the wait of others to get their hair cut. By limiting their hair services to trims, masks, and deep conditioning, the studio saves time for its customers and allows its stylists to focus on what they do best! 

As a local of Prince George’s County and alumna of the University of Maryland, owner Regina Holbert opened this business last year to share her passion for fabulous hair with her alma mater community.

She asserts that blowouts are ideal for hairstyling because they not only last a long time, (with only a little dry shampoo, customers report still receiving compliments on curls after a week!), but they also require less damaging heat than at-home straightening and curling might. 

Located in suite 101 of 7338 Baltimore Avenue in College Park Shopping Center, this salon is a convenient stop for students any day during the week. The stylists are incredibly welcoming and talented, and they can work with all hair types to create gorgeous locks that range from soft and curly to pin-straight.  

As a tribute to the education community, all students and teachers can receive $5 off of their blowout on Tuesdays. Additionally, customers who show this blog post can receive 10% off! This salon offers a very positive experience with this salon, and you should definitely keep them on your radar for the next time you want to get your hair done.

Fabulous Hair Blowouts at Hair + Space
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