When it comes to dry-cleaning, we generally think of the process as more of a chore on our to-do list than a fun afternoon activity. However, when you’re preparing for a job interview, planning a date night, or you simply want to ensure the best care for your clothing, you can’t deny the reassurance of having your nicest outfits taken care of. In College Park, ZIPS Dry Cleaners strives to make dry-cleaning a convenient (and low-waste) experience for its customers.

Located at the corner of Calvert Road and Baltimore Avenue, ZIPS has offered dry cleaning, pressing, and alteration services to residents of College Park for almost 25 years . They will dry-clean any clothing garment (excluding leather and suede) for $2.49, which they refer to as the “Real Deal.” They also press shirts, blouses, and pants so that you can pick up your clothes interview-ready! The store opens at 7:00am on weekdays and 8:00am on Saturdays, and customers who bring these items in before 9:00am can receive their clothes freshly cleaned by 5:00 that evening. The shop also offers dry cleaning on household items such as comforters, pillow shams, and sleeping bags, as well as clothing alterations.

To make pickup quick and painless, customers pay for the services when they drop off their items, and they then receive an email when the order is ready. The store accepts payment in both cash and card, and it even has a rewards program. By signing up, members can receive emails on special deals, starting with the dry-clean of one free garment on their next visit.

ZIPS makes efforts to be environmentally-conscious by using sustainable resources and rejecting unnecessary waste. In order to avoid filling landfills, the shop has a hanger-recycling program, and they ask that customers bring their hangers back instead of throwing them away. The store also avoids wasteful practices by using one 100%-biodegradable plastic bag for up to 5 shirts, rather than using individual bags and excess tissue paper for each garment. Not only do these practices reduce pollution, but they help cut costs and keep the prices low.

At the end of the day, although dry-cleaning may feel like just another errand, ZIPS Dry Cleaners makes it a positive experience for residents of College Park.

ZIPS Dry Cleaners is Convenient and Eco-Friendly!
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