At Big Planet Comics, comics are about more than superheroes. Situated right next to Kung Fu Tea on Baltimore Avenue, this shop sells t-shirts, posters, figurines, trading cards, and of course, hundreds of comic books from all genres. It also sells back issues of older publications that are no longer in print.

Although Big Planet does offer an extensive selection of the latest superhero comics, it also caters to more than just DC and Marvel fans. Like a typical bookstore, this one is organized by genre, and it carries graphic novels that explore the worlds of fantasy, manga, horror, and history, as well as graphic memoirs.

Employees of the store are extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture of comics, and they are happy to share it with customers. They are especially proud of the diversity represented on their shelves: with stories about characters of color and different sexual identities, these comics portray the lives of people from all backgrounds.

Recently, the shop has begun offering more comics featuring African American protagonists, and it also has an entire bookcase of LGBTQ-themed comics toward the front of the shop. Staff members are also passionate about their manga collection, which is a popular Japanese comic-style.

Based on the variety of genres and themes present in these books, the employees at Big Planet Comics are confident that they have a comic that will appeal to any reader—even those who have never even picked one up.

Big Planet Comics Has More than Superheroes
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