Whether you’re from College Park or not, you’ve likely heard of Nando’s. With locations across multiple continents, this South African restaurant has become famous for its flame-grilled PERi PERi chicken as well as its commitment to family and culture, which has earned it a rightful place in the College Park Scene.

Located at 7400 Baltimore Ave, Nando’s strives to demonstrate these core values through its dining atmosphere, staff-relationships, and support of surrounding communities. To celebrate the South African culture, for example, each location has its own unique collection of authentic artwork—even the booths and tables come from South Africa. The beautiful mural on the side of the building facing Knox Road is part of the restaurant as well, showing off South African culture’s beauty for the entire city to see.

The restaurant is also loyal to its College Park community. Earlier this fall, the managers happily supported the College Park with our project to implement the mural, “Psychophily – Pollination by Butterfly,” which is visible on the building above Nando’s. The location also partners with organizations at the university to provide catering and fundraisers. When organizations hold fundraisers at Nando’s, the restaurant will donate 40% of the proceeds to support the cause.

Of course, the menu cannot be forgotten. Nando’s specializes in the famous flame-grilled chicken, which is marinated in their famously spicy PERi PERi sauce for 24 hours. The restaurant also offers a selection of vegetarian “appeteasers,” wraps, and sides, which are equally tasty. If customers are doubtful about anything on the menu, they can request to look at “The Inside Scoop,” a booklet that breaks down all menu items by allergen, ingredient, and calorie-count.

In a sea of diverse cultures and restaurants, Nando’s in College Park is the ideal sitdown restaurant to get a taste of South African culture with friends and family.

Get a Taste of South Africa at Nando’s
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