The diversity of the UMD community has always been one of the university’s most beloved qualities among its students and alumni. Luckily for locals, this characteristic holds true beyond campus, extending throughout College Park, which is reflected by the city’s diverse array of latino restaurants such as Nelly’s Cafe.

Located just north of Hollywood Shopping Center, Nelly’s Cafe occupies the strip of independent businesses near Mundo Latino Market at 9917 Rhode Island Avenue. The restaurant is small and locally-owned, offering a menu of classic Mexican and Salvadoran dishes, such as beans, fried plantains, and pupusas. Customers rave about the quality and authenticity of the food; whether you order the carne asada or just a side of frijoles, each dish tastes incredibly rich and homemade. With a selection of appetizers under $2 and almost all items being under $10, this customers are sure to get their money’s worth.

To add a little extra charm of the restaurant, a tapestry hangs on the wall, illustrating a group of people eating at a gathering under the words “El Salvador.” This Salvadoran pride makes the restaurant feel especially cozy and inviting. What’s more, the employees are happy to share recommendations and make customers feel at home. Overall, stopping by Nelly’s Cafe for lunch is a great way to support a local business and experience the College Park Scene.

The restaurant is less than a mile from the Greenbelt Metro Station, and customers can easily take public transportation to get there. From anywhere on Baltimore Avenue, they should Route 83 bus, which travels north from Brentwood, Maryland, all the way up to Cherry Hill Road in College Park. The stop closest to Nelly’s Cafe is at Edgewood Rd & Rhode Island Ave, which is across the street from the restaurant’s parking lot.

Locals Love the Authenticity of Nelly’s Cafe
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