Shopping for clothes can be incredibly fun, so when we’re looking for the latest styles, we usually don’t consider the impact they have on the environment. We don’t think about how much water and energy goes into making a single pair of jeans, or about how many resources go to waste when we throw them away. Fortunately, there are ways to find quality, trendy clothes in a completely sustainable and affordable way, now in College Park. 

The city of College Park strives to promote sustainability throughout the community, and businesses across the town are beginning to reflect the value of this growing trend. Uptown Cheapskate on Baltimore Avenue is a second-hand store that sells trendy and designer clothing and accessories for about 75% off the standard price, the majority of which it buys from individuals. Anyone can come in to sell clothing, and they can choose between cash or store credit as payment.

When vendors choose store credit, they automatically receive 20% more, which they can use for new looks throughout the store. Shopping at second-hand stores like this one is a great alternative to the mall, because it gives College Park residents the same popular styles and brands, but at a much lower cost to them and the environment.

If you have fashionable pieces that you are ready to part ways with, you can make money and keep them out of the landfill by bringing them into Uptown Cheapskate to be resold. Fashion enthusiasts working in the store are trained to sort through the clothes from brands like Zara, Forever 21, H&M, Adidas, American Eagle, and many others to determine which ones have the best potential for resale, and how much these pieces should be sold for. 

The College Park store is selective with the pieces they accept, focusing specifically on styles that are currently in demand among university students, and the larger community of Prince George’s County residents. 

This attention to detail means that this store’s selection is unique to that of every other location, and customers are likely to find items that are perfect for them. They take items from all seasons that are usually no more than a few years old, and are in the best condition. 

The College Park location is situated at 9122 Baltimore Avenue, just north of University Boulevard. It is currently preparing for its grand opening, which is expected to be in late September. Until then, the store is only open for sorting and buying from vendors, who can stop in at any time during business hours to drop off clothes. As an incentive, each vendor will be entered into a raffle for Apple AirPods, a Macbook Pro, an Apple Watch, or a $250 Amazon gift card.

Since the store can’t take all of the items they are offered, they will happily donate unwanted items to the Arc of Prince George’s County, a non-profit organization that provides support to individuals and families in need. Either way, it is a great way to make use of unwanted clothes!

Finding Sustainable and Affordable Fashion in College Park
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