With places like The Spot Mini in Terrapin Row coming to College Park, the area continues to welcome the latest food trends to students and residents. This newly opened Asian food hall resembles a ‘mini’ version of its sibling hall in Rockville Town Square, housing Poki DC, Akira Ramen, and GongCha—three eateries that the community can’t get enough of. 

First on the list is Poki DC, which offers the increasingly popular build-your-own approach to Hawaiian poke bowls. Here, customers can select a base of sushi rice, brown rice, zucchini oodles, or a salad mix; choose between seafood, chicken, or tofu for protein; and add as many fresh toppings as they like. These include radish, kale, carrots, jalapeños, onions, seaweed salad, edamame, corn, mango, pineapple, and tangerine among others; offering an infinite number of combinations to create the ideal bowl. If customers would like an additional appetizer or treat, the menu also offers miso soup and mochi as extras.

Right next to Poki DC is Akira Ramen, which serves a full selection of sushi, ramen and donburi, a Japanese rice-bowl dish. With staple ingredients such as beansprouts, bamboo shoots, wood ear, and pork dominating their menu, Akira Ramen hits the spot if you’re craving Japanese food. 

Of course, this food hall would not be complete without bubble tea, available at GongCha. Similar to some of the other bubble tea shops in College Park, customers can customize this delicious Taiwanese drink unique to their liking with their choice of flavor, sweetness level, and of course, toppings! In addition to the classic tapioca pearls, you can opt for jelly pieces, red beans, basil seeds, milk foam, or pudding jelly to spice up your drink. Fortunately for customers who don’t drink dairy, most drinks can be made completely plant-based by substituting dairy milk for soy milk! 

Not only is The Spot Mini a great place to grab a quick lunch and catch up with friends, but it has a spacious, notably peaceful seating area next to the food counters, where diners can bust out their textbooks, connect to the free Wifi, and get work done in the relaxing atmosphere. Whether you need a filling meal, a sweet treat, or just a place to relax or focus, The Spot Mini is in the perfect location for residents of Terrapin Row and other nearby apartments, as well as everyone who is interested in exploring a block or two beyond the bustling scene of Baltimore Avenue. 

A Great New “Spot” for Lunch
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