Mundo Latino Market is a wonderful independent business that brings the Latin culture to College Park. The shop features a small grocery store that specializes in classic Hispanic foods, including entire shelves of beans, sauces, spices, and as many plantain chips as you could ask for. They also sell all of the typical food products you may need: bread, coffee, rice, pasta, and a refrigerated produce section in the back of the market with vegetables and deli meats; so you can complete an entire grocery trip here. 

On the other side of the store is the “International Cafe”, which serves traditional Latino tacos, tamales, baleadas, fajitas, carne asada, and arroz con frijoles, all bursting with flavor. The prices are quite inexpensive, and yet the taste is unbeatable. After ordering a meal for either dine-in or takeaway, guests can seat themselves in the dining area decorated with beautiful murals and enjoy the soccer or “fútbol” games playing on the large flatscreen TV. The atmosphere of the restaurant is incredibly warm and friendly, and all members of College Park are sure to enjoy it.

If you’re looking for a place to pick up a few grocery items and enjoy a wonderfully authentic Latino meal at the same time, Mundo Latino Market is the place to visit! 

Grab both your Groceries and Dinner at Mundo Latino Market
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