Situated just north of Hollywood Shopping Center at 9925 Rhode Island Avenue, and recently opened, Posh Cycling and Fitness has already become an exciting community amenity.

Open mornings and evenings seven days a week, the studio offers a variety of cardio, strength training, and fitness classes to make College Park residents fall in love with exercise. Founder Mel Blain has been a fitness instructor herself for over a decade; and her drive, creativity, and heart of gold are just what College Park needs in entrepreneurs to make College Park a desirable town to live in.

For guests looking to tone their bodies, Mel, Hannah, Elyse, and Sophia lead belly burn, yoga, and pilates sessions. Those who are more interested in having fun while they work up a sweat would love Posh Bounce, a “low-impact cardio workout” where guests wear rebound jumps boots to burn calories faster without putting too much stress on their joints; or bust out their dance moves with belly dancing or Dance Groove. In spinning sessions, participants get to cycle through a virtual landscape with their own personal avatar to motivating pop remixes. Kickboxing is also a great calorie-burner, as well as endurance builder. Better yet, take a boxing class with the undefeated, record-holding Vanilla Gorilla!

Guests are free to come in for individual classes with no commitment as they please; or they may purchase packages of 5 or 10 to use up as quickly or slowly as they want. Those who are determined to get a hardcore workout several days per week are encouraged to become a member for $149 per month, where they can attend unlimited classes. No matter which deal you choose, you are welcome to try out the variety of classes offered, or just stick to ones that you like the most.

This business is so much more than just a fitness studio—Post Fitness is truly passionate about strengthening and improving the community of College Park around them. Despite still being less than a year old, the business has already held charity fundraisers, a women’s self defense class, a business networking session, and CPR training to guests, all for free. Like many businesses in College Park, UMD students get a discount here: 20% off! What’s more, parking is completely free, and there is a WMATA Route 83 bus stop very close to the studio.


The studio regularly features special events. For example, they have $15 salsa nights, that feature an hour of instructional dance followed by open dance time, and this summer there will be a $20 Posh Pride event, with proceeds going to Casa Ruby, an LGBTQ multicultural organization supporting members of the community, that includes glow-in-the-dark fitness classes, a drag show, vendors and food. Starting in July, the studio is offering a 6-week boot camp on Saturdays to bring participants the ultimate agility, speed, and strength training that is sure to transform the body. Though it may be early, there’s no more rewarding way to spend a Saturday morning, and you will surely thank yourself once it’s over!

Clearly, Posh Cycling and Fitness has a lot of fitness options to offer – don’t miss out!

Posh Cycling and Fitness: Bringing Physical and Social Wellness to College Park
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