For visitors looking for a place to spend the night in College Park, Cambria Hotel offers all of the services necessary for having a productive or a relaxing stay—in a perfect location. Along with the opening of College Park Grill on Route 1 last year was Cambria, just north of Berwyn House Road. This hotel is a stylish, welcoming destination for guests visiting College Park on both business and personal travel, in perfect walking distance to the university and Downtown College Park. It offers all of the typically desirable amenities of a hotel, including free WiFi, personal microwaves and refrigerators, flat screen televisions, and breakfast and dinner services.

The lobby alone features desktop computers, a printer, and fax machine, all free of charge, as well as a touch-screen information monitor that allows guests to browse local dining, shopping, and recreational opportunities in the area surrounding College Park. The College Park Grill, a separately owned restaurant that offers upscale dining, is also accessible from the lobby, so guests do not even have to leave to hotel to enjoy a high-quality meal.

What’s more, the hotel provides a 1,352 square-foot business and event space for visitors to hold meetings, receptions, and other similar gatherings. Guests can choose between a variety of table configurations to best fit their event, occupying the entire space or reserving only one of the two meeting rooms for smaller group sizes. This amenity is beneficial for both professional and social events.

Another noteworthy service is the 24-hour fitness center, which contains a variety of cardio machines and weights, allowing guests to maintain their exercise routine anytime during their stay.

Of course, these are just a few of the many great benefits that Cambria Hotel has to offer. If you have friends and family looking for a place to stay in town, point them in the direction of Cambria Hotel!

The Cambria Hotel: Helping Visitors Feel at Home
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