Located on Berwyn Road, Smile Herb Shop is at the heart of all things healing. The family-owned business has offered a wide array of healing herbs, teas, and supplements since its opening in the early 1970s.

The store’s staff is dedicated to serving a mission of healing and wellness. “People come in to maintain their health and get what they need on a regular basis, kind of like they would go to the doctor,” said sales associate Christine. The shop offers an abundance of healing products, some of the most popular being the homemade tea blends.

Smile Herb Shop, created in College Park, attracts regular customers from a distance, as far as Pennsylvania. Smile is home to two professional members of the American Herbalists Guild. “Being a staple here for 42 years, our most successful marketing has been word of mouth,” said Christine.

Senior Horticulture major at the University of Maryland, Phillip Evich, has been a regular at Smile for the past few years, and now works there – and not only does he like working at Smile Herb Shop, he also loves that it located right along the Trolley Trail, and is easily accessible to College Park bike trails. “I love it because I can bike to work using the trails, which I think is really unique to College Park and the greater area,” said Evich.

Smile Herb Shop’s sister business, White Lotus Wellness Center, is also located on Berwyn Road, and offers yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, and much more.

Smile Herb Shop: A College Park Staple
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