Now that it’s finally feeling like Spring, it’s the perfect time to get outside and start beautifying your lawn. In addition to the many great eateries in College Park, this town has lots of other locally-owned establishments worth recognizing. Precision Small Engines, for example, is a shop on Baltimore Avenue North College Park, specializing in outdoor lawn and garden equipment.

This engine repair shop sells and repairs lawn mowers and whatever gardening tools you may need. They handle tuneups and replacement parts for machines from all major appliance manufacturers, so you can count on them to repair your engines and ensure that they’re in great shape! Some of the other products sold here include fertilizer, lawn clippers, chain saws, leaf blowers, replacement wheels, work gloves, and rakes and shovels. If you’re not already part of the loyal customer base that they have been pleasing for almost forty years, make sure to check it out next time you find yourself needing your lawnmower repaired!

The store is open on weekdays from 8am-6pm, as well as 9am-2pm on Saturday. If you would like to contact them to speak with a staff member and answer any further questions, you can call them at (301) 982-0900. Happy Gardening!


Precision Small Engines: Helping You Make the Best of Spring
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