If you are looking for a yummy drink to sip on in College Park, bubble tea is a great treat. In the strip of restaurants located on Baltimore Avenue right next to College Park Shopping Center is Ten Ren’s Tea Time—a Taiwanese restaurant known for its bubble tea.

But bubble tea is not all they have, the menu features a variety of classic Taiwanese and Japanese soups, vegetable and protein dishes, and of course, pages of tea options! They offer dozens of caffeinated and non-caffeinated flavors of tea served hot or cold, with your choice of milk (dairy or soy), toppings (tapioca “bubbles” and flavored lychee jellies are both delicious), and as much or little sweetness as you request.

With free WiFi and a shelf of board games that customers can play as much as they want, Ten Ren’s is a popular spot for families and friends to spend time together, or for one to get work done. If you’re craving the tasty dishes and bubble tea but can’t make it into the restaurant, they offer delivery through both Bite Squad and DoorDash.

They also offer fun options such as “bubble smoothies” (which are more like slushies) and a Matcha Ice Cream Green Tea Float, which are both delicious options to try. If you’re a tea fanatic, you can buy loose leaf tea to take home. But don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about coffee-lovers! The restaurant also has a variety of coffee drinks as well. What’s more, they have special seasonal drinks around the holidays, such as the vanilla chai oreo “Scream-e-o” smoothie for Halloween, which comes highly recommended by patrons and they often have cute decorations to get you in the spirit!

Of course, if you’re looking for tea for more of the health benefits, they offer classic herbal, green, black, and jasmine tea as well. Ten Ren’s has something for everyone. They’re open 11:30 am –10:00 pm Monday through Saturday, and noon-10:00 pm on Sundays, at 7418 Baltimore Ave.

Ten Ren’s Tea Time: Join the Bubble Family!
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