If you’ve driven north up Baltimore Avenue, you may have once seen the small lime-green building with bike tires hanging in the windows known as Proteus Bicycles. Proteus is a local College Park business that specializes in all things bike.

For over forty-five years, the shop has provided tune-ups and repairs for personal bikes, as well as offering a selection of new bikes, with models ranging from road to mountain bikes. They also supply all of the biking gear you can imagine: locks, helmets, seats, tires, bells, fanny packs, etc. At the end of last year, Proteus relocated to Hollywood Shopping Center on Rhode Island Avenue—a location that’s much more spacious and accessible for customers, and simply a major upgrade that fits the business much better!

After all, Proteus isn’t just a store—it’s an entire community of bike-lovers! The shop provides a bike clinic after hours that teaches customers simple repair techniques, such as fixing a flat tire. They also host weekly bike rides around College Park every Saturday. What’s more, they’re starting up a club racing team that is open to anyone who’s interested. If you might want to participate, you can view their Facebook events, which they update regularly.

For those who only need to pick up a bike part or get a repair, Proteus is a great place to find what you need. But if you are passionate about biking or would simply like to pick up a new hobby and get involved with the community of College Park, Proteus is a wonderful, welcoming, community for you your friends, and your family.

Proteus Bikes: A Community of Bike-Lovers
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