It’s reaching that point in the season where everyone is growing a little tired of winter; yet summer is still months away. A trip to the beach may not be in store this weekend, but that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a tropical fruity treat at Playa Bowls!

Located downtown at 7417A Baltimore Ave., Playa Bowls is a smoothie-bowl shop that finally brought its long-awaited beach vibes to College Park this month. The goal of Playa Bowls was to bring the exciting, fun atmosphere of the beach to its customers, and this establishment has done just that. From the catchy remixes on the radio, to the flat screen TV broadcasting surfing footage, to the deliciously Instagrammable treat on the surfboard-shaped table in front of you, it’s impossible not to relax while you’re there.

Their menu features deliciously tropical blends of acai, pitaya, chia, and/or banana for everyone—college students and families alike. If you’re not quite ready to dive into cold treats, Playa Bowls has a selection of oatmeal bowls to keep you warm; and for those looking to find a slightly more nutritious option, you can choose one of the Green Bowls featuring kale, or add a protein boost! 

On top of that, bowls come garnished with a beautiful combination of granola, fresh fruit, coconut, and drizzles of Nutella, peanut butter, and/or honey. For anyone with dietary restrictions or specific preferences, you can make substitutions with any of the toppings to make the bowl perfectly yours. The best part is, everything on the menu is under $12!

While this may not be the first Playa Bowls in the country, its walls fashion creative murals that embrace College Park pride and are unique to this location alone. No matter what time of year it is, Playa Bowls in College Park is a must-visit, and you’ll feel both on vacation and at home while you’re there!






Playa Bowls — A Trendy New Addition to College Park
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