Biking is a great way to increase cardiovascular fitness, decrease stress, and help the environment! In fact, in 2015, College Park took the initiative to create bicycle and pedestrian trails along Route 1 from College Avenue to MD-193. This was a big step as there were many areas on Route 1 in which there were many stretches without proper sidewalks or protected bike lanes. College Park Bicycles, located on 7301 Baltimore Ave, is an independent local business that constantly support biking safety within the community and are available to fulfill any and all of your biking needs! Their sales staff is very knowledgeable on the topic and is always willing to help pick out the best bike for you and your lifestyle. They have bicycles for every age group, ranging from beginner to professional bikes.

College Park Bicycles is continuously working closely with customers to ensure that they focus on each persons individual needs. You can make an appointment, walk in, or even call for an over-the-phone consultation. College Park Bicycles offer a variety of services including bike maintenance, selling individual parts, offering bike accessories, and even bike rentals. They also have a youtube channel where they upload videos about different bicycles. The store will often hold various biking events year round, information for which can be found on their website at On Bike to Work Day (May 18th), College Park Bicycles provided a complimentary bike service and safety check for customers. This included things such as safety inspections, tire inflation, and minor bike adjustments. Because they have a smaller store with a more focused professional staff, they recommend calling or emailing in advanced if you would like to take a test ride of a certain bike. Whether you’re a veteran bicyclist, or just trying out a new hobby, College Park Bicycles has the tools to making bicycling a great experience!

College Park Bicycles – dedicated to your biking needs!
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