In July of this year, MOM’s Organic Market on Rhode Island Avenue celebrated the grand reopening of its store. The market has tripled in size and now includes new features such as a lounge, bakery, café, and pinball room. The new additions include an organic vegetarian eatery named Naked Lunch, Witches’ Brew Coffee Bar, and MOM’s Bake Shop. They also refurbished their stock, including a more sustainable insect protein, solar panel canopies, a Backyard Beekeeping section, and a widespread and more sustainable seafood section. They now include a clothing section as well as a recycling center for corks, eyeglasses, cell phones, batteries, shoes, plastic bags, or more. 5% of sales made on July 6th and 7th during the reopening was donated to Smart on Pesticides Maryland, an organization that brings awareness and helps prevents toxic impacts to our community.

MOM’s is a family owned and operated chain of organic grocery stores which was founded in 1987. Their goal is to promote a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. They only sell fresh and organic products, and all food items served in the cafes are prepared fresh daily. Having an organic market in College Park embraces diversity and promotes a healthier lifestyle among our community. MOM’s give us access to affordable and fresh groceries, making more options accessible to the general public.

MOM’s Organic Market, College Park’s local and sustainable grocery
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