The College Park Airport and Aviation Museum – home of numerous aviation firsts and innovations – is a must-see for visitors and residents in the College Park area alike. The airport and museum are located on Campus Drive, just across from the College Park Metro and accessible via the Anacostia Tributary Trail System –  and it is not far from Lake Artemesia.

The College Park Airport is filled with rich history, as it is the world’s oldest continuously operating airport and has been around since 1909. In fact, Wilbur Wright came to this site to train two military officers to fly the first government airplanes. The College Park Aviation museum is conveniently located right next to this history rich airport.

The Aviation Museum is home to multiple aircrafts, and can be enjoyed by adults for just five dollars. Admission is only two dollars and children under the age of one are free. Some of the aircrafts featured are from World War I and even earlier. One interesting aircraft the museum features is the 1910 Wright Model B reproduction.

The museum also details many aviation “firsts,” for which College Park airport is famous for. A glass window vantage point is also present, so visitors to the museum can watch takeoffs and landings of the planes on the airport runway. The Aviation Museum also hosts school tours and has multiple outreach programs for students and adults in the area. So, whether you are an aviation buff, history buffs, fascinated by College Park’s interesting history, or just exploring the trails, the College Park Aviation Museum and Airport is a great place to go!



College Park Airport and Aviation Museum – Home of Aviation Firsts!
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