Studio 444 recently opened in College Park in June of last year. Since then, this local art studio, located in the Berwyn business district, has cultivated a space for visitors to find and embrace their creative side. Whether through taking a guided class, visiting the galleries, or hosting an event, there are ways for everyone to enjoy what Studio 444 has to offer.


Their main activities include guided paint and sips, open studio sessions, cake and cookie decorating, even wine glass painting and cocktail making. The studio also offers family-friendly class sessions. On their website, you can view a calendar of events and classes, where you can also register ahead. This weekend, as we celebrate Juneteenth, there are two themed activities, including an open studio session and a cocktail making class. Each of the classes offer something different, allowing visitors to return and experience something new and exciting every time. 

Studio 444 offers a space for the people College Park to enjoy and embrace their  artistic abilities. You can view their hours, activity and gallery details on their website. Make sure to visit Studio 444 today, where art celebrates life!

Find your creative side at Studio 444
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