If you are looking for a refreshing coffee, tea or specialty drink, there are several local spots in College Park for you to visit. Whether you are looking for a quick stop or a place to sit and relax, there are many options to pick from.

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Vigilante is a great place to enjoy a delicious coffee, tea or food and offers a great ambience for visitors to dine in. Whether you are looking for a place to work or to catch up with a friend, Vigilante’s atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming to all visitors.

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Some more local options that offer coffee, tea, other drinks and a great food menu are Board and Brew, Bagels n Grinds, Casey’s Coffee, and the Hall CP. These local spots offer a more extensive food menu and a larger seating area. These three restaurants are perfect for enjoying your coffee and food inside the restaurant. Make sure to check out their websites to see their food menus, drink options, and operating hours.

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Another local spot in College Park is Proteus Brews, Proteus Bicycles’ new coffee shop.  Now open for indoor and outdoor dining, visitors can enjoy yummy pastries, coffee, tea or even ice cream.  Proteus Brews allows visitors to grab a coffee and to be a part of the welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

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If you are looking for a spot that offers refreshing drinks and teas, check out one of the many bubble tea shops in College Park. These include, Kung Fu Tea, Gong Cha at the Spot Mini, Jumbo Jumbo Café, Cuppa Tea, Moge Tee and Jidong Tea. All of these locations are conveniently located in College Park and offer delicious and creative handcrafted teas and beverages.


There are two official Starbucks locations in College Park and several cafes on UMD’s campus that serve Starbucks coffee. There is also more than one Dunkin’ location in College Park.


Many of these spots offer ordering ahead, takeout, and dine in options for your convenience.

Whichever type of refreshing drink you are craving, make sure to support your local businesses in College Park!

Where to Grab Coffee and Tea in College Park
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