Proteus Bicycles has been a part of the College Park community for over 40 years. Proteus offers bikes for every age and experience level as well as many bike services, including repairs, fitting, and classes and workshops. The local bike shop specializes in friendly and quality service for every bike rider in College Park.

Every staff member wants to ensure that visitors can have all their bike needs satisfied. Their mission is to get everyone in College Park riding a bike and enjoying it too. Not only offering bike services and purchases, but Proteus Bikes also offers a sense of community through their events and their Proteus Velo Club, which allows members to achieve their cycling goals in a safe, encouraging environment. Check out their website for more information on events, the Proteus Velo Club, and more.

Aside from their bike services, Proteus Bicycles is also known for Proteus Brews. Now open for indoor and outdoor dining, visitors can enjoy yummy pastries, coffee, tea or even ice cream. The addition of Proteus Brews allows visitors to grab a coffee and to be a part of the welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

With warmer weather in College Park, it’s time to see to all of your bike needs. Whether that means a bike repair, some new equipment, or finally buying that bike you’ve always wanted, visit Proteus Bicycles for all your bike needs. Proteus Bicycles is in an ideal location, located on Rhode Island Avenue, in the Hollywood Shopping Center. Any store updates and store hours are on their website.

Proteus Bicycles & Brews in College Park
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