Now that workout classes are back in person, it’s time to see what’s happening at Posh Cycling and Fitness in College Park. Located at 9925 Rhode Island Avenue, Posh Cycling is close to the Hollywood Shopping Center and just minutes away from the College Park Market Place. Posh Cycling is the first cycling studio to open in College Park and has ensured that every visitor is comfortable regardless of age and fitness experience level. Their mission is to foster a welcoming and encouraging environment for every beginner and expert cycler.

On their website, you can see a full schedule of their classes and can filter based on experience level, category, trainer and date. While cycling classes typically cross the mind first when thinking about Posh, there are several other varieties of fitness classes one can take at Posh. Classes that involve dance, HIIT, strength training, stretching and yoga are all available. There are also virtual classes still available for those who enjoy working out in their own space. Regardless of the class, Posh Cycling trainers are professional and create a safe space for every class taker.

Posh Cycling is always welcoming to newcomers looking to start their health journey.  If you are a new client, there is a special deal where you can try 2 weeks of unlimited classes for just $39. Check out their social media and website to keep up to date on membership rates, class schedules, special classes, events and deals.

Posh Cycling has been serving the fitness community in College Park for almost 4 years. If you haven’t already, make sure to try one of their many classes today.

Take a class at Posh Cycling and Fitness in College Park!
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