Nene’s Restaurant, located in College Park Plaza in the Hollywood neighborhood, serves authentic West African dishes. Founded recently in 2019, the restaurant brings a unique taste of culture to College Park. Visitors rave about their authentic experience, the large portion sizes and reasonable menu prices. Offering dine in or take out, Nene’s offers a welcoming environment, good service and delicious food for all.


The menu offers a variety of options for every appetite or craving. The jollof rice with plantains and choice of chicken, goat or cow meat is a popular entree choice. Other entrees include traditional West African dishes such as egusi, okra, and ogbono. The restaurant offers smaller snacks as well, such as buns, meat pie, fish rolls, and puff puff, a popular West African delicacy. The appetizers include a variety of soup options as well as many other dishes. You can view their website for the full menu.


Nene’s Restaurant is open Monday-Sunday, 12:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. for dine in and take out. You can call their store for more information about ordering. Check out their social media for updates, reviews, and mouth-watering pictures of food. Make sure to enjoy an authentic experience and delicious food at Nene’s Restaurant.

Have an Authentic Experience at Nene’s Restaurant in College Park!
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