Happy New Year! It’s important to continue to celebrate the city of College Park as we enter the new year. As a vibrant and strong community and college town, College Park is continuing to grow each year with the addition of small businesses. University of Maryland students and staff as well as the rest of the College Park community are grateful to have a large variety of businesses to pick from. Whether you are trying new restaurants for the first time or looking for a fun activity for your weekend, College Park has something for everyone.


In 2021, we saw many additions to the College Park business scene. Möge Tee and Cuppa Tea joined the many bubble tea stores in College Park, while still offering something fresh and exciting. Studio 444 opened, offering a space for creative and artistic work.  We also saw staple College Park businesses rebuild themselves after the pandemic, with the reopening of  Today’s Hair and Ledo Pizza. Check out the College Park Scene blogs to see all of the businesses featured in 2021. The city of College Park will continue to thrive with the addition of new businesses in 2022. 


Thank you to the small business community of College Park for making the city an exciting and cool place to live and visit. Remember to support your local businesses this year and check out the College Park Scene blog each week to learn more about the businesses of College Park.

Thank You to the College Park Business Community
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