The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland fosters creativity and growth in the arts for the entire College Park Community. As a part of the University of Maryland’s College of Art and Humanities, the center is located on campus on 8270 Alumni Drive. With six performance venues, a performing arts library, and several other creative spaces, the Clarice offers endless opportunities to enrich your creative side. The Clarice also has successful partnerships with organizations such as the University of Maryland’s School of Music and the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance, which helps make the Clarice a creative outlet for an extensive part of the community.


The center has many programs that keep the UMD campus and its many students engaged with the arts. Aside from all of the ways students can be involved in the performing arts, they can also support different artists by attending events. Additionally, the Clarice is also involved in community outreach outside of the University. For example, their K-12 School Partner Program allows students in underserved communities to experience different shows and tours helping to better understand the field of performing arts. They also were an avid supporter of the Partnership’s Outdoor Performance Series and would send bands from the Terrapin Record Label to play music outside in College Park before the pandemic. The Clarice is dedicated to engaging people of all interests and ages in the arts. Their website fully details their community outreach, both within and outside of the University.


The Clarice hosts many events in their performance venues, which are open to the community. These events include music, film, dance, comedy, and more. Grabbing some dinner at a local restaurant and watching a show is a perfect way to spend your weekend in College Park. You can view their full calendar of events on their website. Most recently, the Clarice hosted their NextNOW fest, which was a series of creative acts addressing certain social issues of our time. This event, and many of the events at the Clarice, help them “build the new future of the arts.” Immerse yourself into the arts and foster your creative side by supporting the Clarice Performing Arts Center.

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
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