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Enjoy vibrant and delicious comfort food this weekend at SeoulSpice in College Park. SeoulSpice’s mission is to share Korean recipes and culture around the world. The SeoulSpice in College Park is located on 4200 Guilford Drive and is a favorite convenient spot for university students and faculty. 


SeoulSpice is an assembly style restaurant where visitors can pick their base, protein, and toppings creating their own delicious variations. The bases on their menu are inspired by traditional Korean comfort foods, including rice from bipimbap, noodles from japchae, and Korean style burritos from gimbap. After choosing a base, customers pick from delicious proteins, including beef, chicken, spicy pork, and tofu. Every bowl can be topped with tasty veggies and toppings, including corn, carrots, Korean radish, and kimchi. Finally, visitors top off their bowl with one of Seoul Spice’s spicy, flavorful sauces.


SeoulSpice is active on all of their social media pages and website, so keep updated on different locations, menu items and deals. They also have catering options for meetings, party’s and other group settings. Check out their website for more details. 


SeoulSpice’s mission is to bring Korean styled comfort food to people all over the world. With locations all over the DMV, SeoulSpice continues to share Korean tradition and culture through tasty food. Be sure to visit their College Park location today!

SeoulSpice in College Park
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