Monarch Preschool is a pre-kindergarten program located at the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and 50th Avenue, just south of MOM’s in College Park, Maryland. Monarch preschool was founded by the Children’s Guild, a nonprofit organization founded in 1953 by Dr. Leo Kanner, a psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, who first identified childhood autism.The organization aligns with the school’s mission of providing amazing educational opportunities for young students. The school’s curriculum focuses on immersive, project-based learning.


Project-based learning is a method that focuses on interactive and hands-on experiences. Children are able to foster relationships and  immerse themselves into the unknown. This is proven to help both comprehension and retention among young children. With this method, Monarch Preschool creates an environment that is both enriching and enjoyable. 


Monarch Preschool also collaborates with the University of Maryland, City of College Park, Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland. The school’s collaborative efforts have created relationships that allow them to succeed in their philosophies. Their efforts also greatly contribute to the University Community Vision 2030 (and the former University District Vision 2020). These community visions were spearheaded by Dr. Wallace Loh and continued by current University of Maryland President Darryll Pines. They are an effort organized by the College Park City-University Partnership.


Parents and caregivers who are interested in learning more can visit the website to contact the school, take a virtual tour, and start the enrollment process. There are also good career opportunities for passionate teachers and school staff looking to make a difference. 


Children at Monarch Preschool learn from the best, and are able to form fun, meaningful relationships. Monarch Preschool is a stimulating and exciting place for young children, and it is a high quality and affordable option for parents. Be sure you visit the website or check it out at their next open house in the Fall. 



Monarch Preschool: Immersive Project-Based Learning
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