The Junior Tennis Champions Center, commonly known as JTCC, is a tennis center for all ages and abilities located in College Park near the Aviation Museum and the Herbert Wells Ice Rink on Campus Drive.

 The center first opened in 1999 offering beginner and intermediate level programs for juniors. Today, JTCC offers programs for juniors and adults of all different experience levels. For some students who train rigorously, there is the JTCC school, which offers academic preparation that aligns with intense training schedules. Throughout the past 22 years, the center has participated in community outreach by offering their resources and bringing tennis to underserved communities.

The programs offered are split by age and ability. For adults, ability for the different programs are determined by using a 7 point scale, 1 being beginner and 7 being professional. For ages 3-17,  the center offers the JTCC High Performance program. This provides young people with a pathway that leads them to a top tier collegiate and potentially professional environment. This includes tennis training, fitness, mentorship, and more. View the website to learn more about the benefits of this program.

The JTCC offers comprehensive programs for all ages leading them to different opportunities and advancements in the game of tennis. Check out their website to view their different programs, events, news, and community outreach efforts.

Junior Tennis Champions Center
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