The College Park Aviation Museum is a hub for innovation, curiosity, and learning. Visitors come from all over the area to see historic and scientific exhibits showcasing different aviation artifacts and aircrafts. After recently reopening due to the pandemic, the museum is once again allowing visitors to view exhibits through reservations. 


There are a number of historical exhibits and aircraft displays for visitors to see. There are exhibits on local history, such as the founding of the College Park Airport. Visitors can also learn about the general history of airports and aircrafts and can find information about recent innovations in aviation. Visitors of all ages can enjoy hands-on activities and interpretive exhibits. After visiting the exhibits, visitors can go to the gift shop or picnic outside. For researchers and historians, the Museum has a Research library holding materials about the local history of aviation, the College Park airport, aviation history leading up to World War II, and more. Read more about their library and make an appointment to visit on their website


The museum is adjacent to the College Park Airport. The airport is the world’s oldest, continually operating airport. Today, the airport serves pilots from the Washington DC area. Right off of Campus Drive, visitors can visit the museum and the airport in one trip. Museum goers can usually see airplanes taking off and landing. 


The Aviation museum is a place for curious and avid learners who are eager to learn the history of aviation and admire displayed aircrafts. Reservations for self-guided tours are available online. There are also guided tours available for bigger groups, schools or birthday parties. The museum is located in the heart of College Park and is a perfect weekend activity for friends and family. 


The College Park Aviation Museum
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