Hollywood Nutrition, a small business focused on selling protein shakes and teas, is where customers can find something both healthy and delicious. No need to sacrifice your taste buds to get your daily dose of protein, instead try Hollywood Nutrition’s protein packed fruity pebbles, snickers or vanilla sundae shakes. Located in the Hollywood Shopping center, this small business is in an ideal location for residents of the College Park and the surrounding area. Customers come from all around the area to try one of Hollywood’s Nutritions endless tasty but healthy flavors.


The menu offers both shakes and teas, and offers a choice between a boosted or basic drink. All of the shakes come in 16 ounce cups with 24 grams of protein, 21 vitamins and minerals, and only up to 350 calories per serving. The boosted shakes come with even more nutrients and offer choices such as extra protein, fiber, energy, or muscle recovery. The teas offer increased energy, a boosted metabolism and hydration. Check out their full menu on their website or visit in person to see all of their menu offerings. Hollywood Nutrition is also on both Facebook and Instagram where they post various updates about the business.


Hollywood Nutrition offers a community for those seeking to boost their health but also enjoy something delicious and refreshing. Guests are immediately welcomed when entering the restaurant and are assisted by one of the business’ baristas. Whether you are looking for more healthy food options, or you just want something delicious, visit Hollywood Nutrition today.

Try a Healthy Shake at Hollywood Nutrition!
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