NuVegan Cafe, located at 8150 Baltimore Avenue, serves delicious and creative vegan food to people all over College Park. Not just catering to vegans, NuVegan emphasizes that they make food for all people with different eating lifestyles. NuVegan has a warm and welcoming environment, which makes it a great place to enjoy food whether you are vegan or not. Natural meets satisfying here, and NuVegan has a mission to show their customers how delicious and satisfying their food can be.


The food at NuVegan is 100% Vegan, fresh and served in a buffet style line for customers to see the array of choices. From entrees and sandwiches to sides like mac & cheese and salad or any vegan dessert and baked goods, this restaurant will have you satisfied by the end of your meal. NuVegan also offers catering services for orders placed in advance. You can order online on their website or in person during their operating hours.


NuVegan Cafe is the ideal setting for people of all eating styles and habits to flourish and be satisfied. College Park locals can easily access the convenient location and can enjoy a delicious meal. NuVegan Cafe in College Park is just one of their locations and they have more than one around the DC area. Make sure to think of NuVegan Cafe when looking to grab a bite!

NuVegan Cafe
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