Smile Herb shop has been a staple in the College Park community for many years. This small neighborhood shop offers a variety of different health products meant to improve the health of your body and mind. With a calming ambience and charming exterior, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to visit Smile Herb.


People from all over and outside of College Park visit Smile Herb shop for any health needs since the shop first opened in the 1970s. Smile Herb shop offers everything from herbs, spices, and teas to aromatherapy, bath products, and immunity supplements. In addition to health products, the shop also offers classes and workshops for visitors wanting to know more about the power of herbs. With experts working at the shop, every visitor is in good hands and will be able to find products that suit their needs. Whether you are a recurring visitor or going for the first time, you will be guided to find the right products for you.


Located on 4908 Berwyn Road, this small shop is in a perfect location for all College Park locals and is within walking distance to the University of Maryland and local park trails. Customers are allowed to shop the store in person via appointment as well as having the option for curbside pickup or delivery. You can view appointment availability on their website and can check Facebook for any other store updates. Smile Herb shop has something for every individual who wants to find products for their mental and physical health. Be sure to visit this neighborhood store!

Smile Herb Shop
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