Pho D’lite, a Southeast Asian restaurant in College Park, serves authentic and tasty Vietnamese food to the local community. The experience at Pho D’ lite comprises food made with fresh ingredients and excellent service. Located in the Campus Village Shoppes in close proximity to campus, the restaurant is in an ideal location for new and returning customers.


At Pho D’lite, they are focused on creating a menu that offers delicious and valuable Vietnamese food which gives visitors an authentic experience. The main menu item this restaurant offers is the traditional hot Vietnamese soup called Pho, as displayed in the name. This hot soup has been a popular and favored food in America since it was introduced to the country. The soup’s ingredients include a broth, vegetables, meat and rice noodles. Pho D’lite prides themselves in offering several variations of this authentic food, offering a unique taste that keeps customers wanting more. Their menu also includes Vermicelli bowls, rice noodle bowls with a variety of other ingredients, as well as a list of popular Southeast Asian specialties.


With loyal customers from all over Maryland, Pho D’lite has been able to open four separate locations since opening its first. The location in College Park is open for both delivery and takeout. Grab some pho to go, or any of the other delicious menu items, to see Pho D’lite’s new take on traditional food.

Pho D’lite in College Park
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